Who we are

We are a company operating in Kenya, but with a coverage in Africa, providing a wide spectrum of due-diligence reports on companies and Individuals. Our bespoke Business Intelligence Reports exclusively consolidates and enhances visibility and scalability of access points from which parties can glean desired company information respectively, in real time.

Our Core Values


We carry out our assignments in a high professional standard.


We have a well focussed team that upholds the laws and regulations in carrying out our assignments.


Honesty and the use of legal and authentic means in all our assignments is our daily mandate.


Crucial data and problem analysis is the basis of our solutions.

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Our partners

Company information and business intelligence Bureau van Dijk is the leading company information and business intelligence with over 200 million companies across the globe. ASAP information services Limited is proud to be associated with the company which has excelled in the field of Supplier risk management and procurement, Credit risk management, Compliance - anti-corruption, third party due diligence, AML, KYC and trade compliance, Corporate finance and M&A research, Transfer pricing. http://www.bvdinfo.com

The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, is a private investigator body, formed by professionals, for professionals. It covers all areas of investigation, public sector and private sector, companies and individuals, corporate and domestic. The Association began as an open Professional Investigator Association in 2000, shortly after the UK Government announced the beginning of regulation of the Security Industry, which was to include the Investigative Sector. WAPI was created to empower the many Investigators throughout the UK, Ireland, EU and beyond, who would eventually need a license to function within the UK/EU, and who were not being represented by the long established other UK Associations, or as many saw them “exclusive” clubs who sat in judgement over the vast majority of those operating within the Sector. ASAP information services Limited is a member of WAPI.

Africa House London is a social enterprise established to promote bilateral trade between the UK and Africa. It aims to add value to new and existing trade and business relationships. The Africa for Growth interactive platform is an ideal resource for firms who are seeks to establish commercial relationships in Africa – and for African counterparts looking to trade with them Deployed through a cutting edge online trading and collaboration platform, Africa House London’s Africa for Growth initiative w enables users to:
• Gain accessibility to lucrative trade opportunities in Africa
• Access the most up-to-date market intelligence and trends
• Join live webinars and Q&A’s to consult with experts in the field
• Benefit from bilateral trade and investment between the UK and Africa
• Add value to new and existing trade and business relationships
ASAP Information services Limited is a proud commercial partner with Africa House London in the field of Business Intelligence and Due Diligence services, we are glad to provide our expertise to UK trading blue chip companies in helping them in Sector/industrial reports, Research services into companies, business intelligence and Due diligence services like vetting and monitoring third parties when doing business in Africa. The platform has over 15,000+ UK businesses already present in Africa and expanding their footprint, or moving into Africa for the first time. ASAP Information Services Limited is positioned as an expert in Business Intelligence and Due Diligence services for UK exporters. https://africaforgrowth.com/africa-house