Screening and Background checks

We undertake checks on individuals that are of interest to your company or engagement you prospect to have with them. The background research aims to obtain all available information including an individual’s personal information, professional background, and business interests, both past and present, directorship and shareholding interests and if available, adversarial or prosecutorial information on any past criminal and civil misconduct.

The Background Check encompasses a number of investigations to retrieve information concerning an individual’s professional history. The Background Screening offers a number of checks including; Employment Screening where we seek to confirm the employment history of a given individual, CV Verification which aims to confirm the authenticity of professional information provided by the individual in trying to secure employment; and Professional Certificates Verification which aims to validate information concerning professional accreditations.

Know your employee(KYE)

You need to employ the right people for the right roles, quickly and with confidence. KnowYourEmployee (KYE) gives you the intelligence you need to confirm if your new recruits are who they claim to be, and that you are meeting all your statutory and regulatory obligations.

We undertake screening services that are flexible to meet strict client requirements. Besides, we also authenticate the integrity and credentials of potential employees and tailor solutions to your particular needs which help mitigate the risk of operational losses that can result from uninformed recruiting. Effective screening minimizes potential threats to your company as well as the cost of employing unsuitable candidates on the basis of falsified CVs. It also reduces the risk of fraud and dishonesty within your organization.

Of concern to us also, is the place at which an investigative subject may have (been) domiciled, worked and/or appears as a mentioned party in whichever capacity or circumstance. Our partner lawyers and in-house investigators are experts in complex fact-finding investigations and have honed their information-collection and analytical skills in a variety of legal, criminal, covert, financial and governance matters. The main components of our checks are:

  • Subject Identity i.e. birth date, place of birth etc.
  • Career history verification.
  • Confirms dates, position, title, responsibilities and reasons for leaving employment.
  • Employment references.

We collate information on job performance, productivity, attitude, skills and attendance record. This report will be limited by the information forthcoming from the referee, but our researchers are well-trained and experienced interviewers who will elicit as much information as possible and as necessary.

Academic / Professional qualifications verification

This level of verification confirms alma mater dates of attendance, examination results and degree/ professional qualifications earned from the educational institution/professional body and also verifies any claimed membership to the latter. Character references/non-employment periods ascertains a applicant’s personal references. We probe the applicant’s referees in order to build up a comprehensive image of the applicant’s character. Additionally, we will question supplied referees when there is a gap in his/her career history or when there was self-employment at any time in his career history.

Criminal Checks and credit checks

In this we investigate a person’s potential criminal activities and credit history. This verification of employment history entails contacting up to three previous employers, making local enquiries and approaching local community members, searching records manually or electronically using local and native language, searching internet portals using local and native language to establish career history provided and wherever possible obtaining dates of employment and confirmation of job title.

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