Pipeline-SME Business Development Programme

What is Pipeline?

Pipeline is a program developed by ASAP Inform that seeks to solve the information asymmetry and de-risking challenge for SMEs in Africa. Our approach takes a multi-faceted approach that addresses both the supply and demand sides of the issue.

On the supply side, it is important to improve the availability and quality of information about SMEs, including their financial health, operations, and management. This can be achieved through initiatives such as digitalizing financial records and improving reporting standards, as well as through initiatives that encourage greater transparency and accountability within SMEs themselves.

On the demand side, it is important to educate SMEs about the value of having access to reliable information and to empower them to use this information to make informed business decisions. This can be achieved through training and capacity-building programs that teach SMEs how to use financial and market information to identify opportunities and manage risks.

Additionally, the public and private sectors can work together to address the de-risking challenge faced by SMEs. This can include initiatives that provide SMEs with access to financing and insurance products that are tailored to their specific needs and that help to mitigate the risks associated with doing business in Africa.

Ultimately, solving the information asymmetry and de-risking challenge for SMEs in Africa will require sustained and coordinated efforts from all stakeholders, including SMEs themselves, government agencies, international organizations, and the financial sector. Pipeline is at the forefront of bringing all these stakeholders together to chart a path to a sustainable & prosperous playing field for SMEs in Africa

Why Join?

  • The MSME will get access to key services from our partners.
  • Access to tools that support informed decision making and improved efficiencies in running your business.
  • Capacity building sessions [forums, workshops/training and exhibitions].
  • Easy Access to Financial Services – credit, insurance.
  • Showcase your business, we’ll assess & highlight your strengths to stakeholders interested in your success such as potential investors, venture capitalists, lenders, business partners, and your extended supply chain.

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