Corporate Due Diligence and Investigation Services

Our investigation services focus mainly on corporate investigations and individual background checks. As part of our company data-acquisition processes, we have covert undertakings as a way of obtaining confidential company information, which is neither prejudicial to the said entities. We devise and conduct domestic and international due diligence investigations of clients’ potential company portfolios, joint venture partners, vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors, investors and prospective candidates for executive hire.

Our investigative professionals will obtain top-quality, up-to-date business intelligence needed for you to confidently make an informed business decision. We begin our engagement with you by having discussions on your requirements with you and develop a custom-designed due diligence investigation programme that is well adapted to your business needs and programmatic structures. Our strong network of offices and contacts in the region, combined with our in-depth knowledge and understanding of local business practices and corporate culture, ensures we can complete our due diligence investigations with the utmost professionalism, diplomacy, creativity and sensitivity.

Investigative Due Diligence

The Investigative Due Diligence report provides customized investigation into the conduct of a company or individual. Leveraging our proprietary, ethical and standard investigation procedures, we are able to locate the subject and verify contact and basic information. Using this as a launch point, we can tailor each investigation appropriately to meet specific client requirements.

Our preliminary due diligence research focuses on the collection of information through publicly available records through national and international databases. We review and analyze areas including a subject’s address history and property records, civil, criminal, bankruptcy and tax-related litigations against them in the past if any, and any adversarial environments in any quasi-judicial processes in which the individual may have been adversely mentioned, or appears as an inculpated party.

Of concern to us also, is the place at which an investigative subject may have (been) domiciled, worked and/or appears as a mentioned party in whichever capacity or circumstance. Our partner lawyers and in-house investigators are experts in complex fact-finding investigations and have honed their information-collection and analytical skills in a variety of legal, criminal, covert, financial and governance matters.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Vendor or supplier-profiling within a supply-chain is critical to averting supply chain risks. A majority of companies are oblivious to whether procural improprieties are rife in their supply chain, because they may not regard supply chain due diligence as of prime importance. Due diligence in supply chains assumes various front, thus; general reputation risk management and customer/supplier/distributor due diligence. We have compartmentalized the supply chain due-diligence into the following areas:

  • Know your customer
  • Know your supplier
  • Know your Distributor/Agent
  • Know your Vendor

We can get all your suppliers, customer, distributor, and vendor-profiling by consolidating their data into a comprehensive report.

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